The Month of December 2016

I thought for sure I was all healed, well, not all healed but healed for I was past the 6 week mark. Well, for me, it wasn’t going to be 6 weeks.

I woke up one morning to find myself spotting bright red blood. I wiped and i saw it and I stayed in bed, didn’t want to upset the apple cart.

All throughout the day, i during the day, it was more and more and it just wasn’t going away.

I went thru two days of it and I decided to call the doctor and Tommy the nurse, explained to me that sometimes stitches aren’t healing right.

My husband was away and wouldn’t get back for a quick visit, so I was very careful in what I did.

It seems to be slowing down by the time he got home, go figure, it stopped.

I called the Doc to cancel and they said, no we want to check you out.