Oncologist Visit 11/8/16

I went to my oncologist and he told me he has great news for me, not even good.

Not sure if you remember how this all started, in August my Gynecologist sent me for ultrasounds and  my endometrium was 14 mm, and that led to a biopsy and a D&C. A Hysteroscopy was also performed.

My gynecologist told me she was able to scrap off the cancer as she saw it thru the hysterscope and then biopsied.

The pathology report stated The cells are well differentiated.

Now we skip to yesterday. The pathology reported I am in a Stage 0 because there were negative cells in my uterus. Negative, oh yes, I am happy. So what this means is my Gynocologist scrapped them all off and my cancer was gone since September 26th and I am at the earliest stage of it.

So, everyone who is reading this, must remember to see their doctors whenever they notice changes in their bodies. Not like a simple change, but losing weight without dieting, spotting, fatigue, depression, so many that we  think its nothing but it is something.

My next appointment is 6 months from now and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you to everyone who sent in prayers for me, positive energy and good thoughts, I believe it truly was a miracle with the grace of God.