Day 12

Ahhhh, I know my therapy and that is cleaning and yes, I am taking it slow, but I am seeing progress. and I am starting to feel good.

I also noticed physical changes in my body, so of course you don’t like but some are very good.

Big belly, I can deal with it for another 6 weeks and then I can start moving around more. It’s so you don’t pop your internal stitches. No submerging your body, so that means no swimming or hot tubs. But as the weather gets cooler, I can do more housework without having to shower or jump in a pool.

What I noticed is my urine flow. Prior to the surgery, I had an interrupted urine flow. I could sit for 15 minutes and wait for my bladder to empty. Now from day one without a catheter, I can sit there and empty it immediately. No waiting for the rest to flow out. Thinking the uterus must have been pushing against my bladder and making it funnel like and and causing it to get past the block. This is a great thing.

Hmmmmmm I need to discuss this with my doctor on Monday. Yes, Monday, when i think it’s only a few days away, I get butterflies, and yes I am nervous.

If the cancer was only in the uterus, why do you have to go back every three months for a check up? Does that mean it could have gone someplace else?  But the Doc said, it wasn’t one my other organs, I mean, why then?