Day 11

My first productive day since I had the surgery. Decided I would do my laundry and start scrubbing my house. I love a sparkling house and its been two weeks since I lifted a finger to clean it.

After the laundry, I decided I would start my fall house keeping and cleaned out two 42 inch cabinets and cleaned like one fifth of the kitchen. If I do some things every day, it’s exercise for me. I can’t walk due to a bad back, but cleaning house bit by bit is my exercise….and it makes me feel good when I clean.

So my therapy will be one day at a time., do a little and get back in shape.

Oh, did I tell you all, that after a hysterectomy, your belly increases in size and I personally looked like I was 8 months pregnant, today, I look maybe 6 months with twins….lol

I think I need to take care of me. Get me back in shape, make me feel good about myself, and not think about Monday. Monday is D Day, my appointment to find results of pathology.

In the meantime, I have some days to do some stuff I want to do….I’m going to cook and freeze a few meals as well. Oh, yes, I am feeling like me again.