Day 6

I’m not even thinking of my Hysterectomy but thinking of my eye.

I was admitted to a room at 3:00. Had numerous Doctors in and out all day trying to figure out what was wrong with me and what form of treatment where they going to give me to heal me. To think it all started with the tape that was torn from my eye after surgery and it went into a full blown into.     LEFT PERIORBITAL CELLULITIS.

I had six specialists and each trying to find a way to treat me. I have allergies to the best antibiotics and they needed to act quickly so

I would not go blind.  I can say as of about 8pm tonight my eye is looking the best it has looked in 5 days. And it’s still not as I was prior to my surgery

Not sure how long I will have to stay  they are waiting for all the doctors to decide if I can go home on Monday after each one releases me

It’s been a long day and I want to watch TV and lull me to sleep