Post Op – Day 2…..I’m Suppose to Go Home Today?????

I can’t believe I have to get myself together to o home today. I just want to cry and cuddle up and try to sleep.

The PA came in and chatted with me and nothing different from what I already knew and yes I would see her in 14 days.

The morning was relaxing, I ate a very dry breakfast, everything I asked for wasn’t there., no friend eggs over heavy but they sent me an English muffin, two strips of bacon, strawberries, honeydew melon and herbal tea, not the best, but I was hungry so I would eat anything.

The pulmonary Tech came in and told me I should be blowing into this machine, and I don’t think this lady every had what I just went thru. It hurt too much to blow, so I just took deep cleansing breathes as often as I felt like it. I coughed for a bit and took more breathes and I feel good.

Then my nurse explained what I should expect and there  was gas in my belly that needed to come out. Well good luck to that I thought.

They told me that I could not pick up anything more than 10 pounds and gallon of milk is 8 lbs, So I decided I was just going to have to be a princess…..oh yesssss!!!

My eye had been bothering me all night and they game me the meds to put on it and in it. They said the tape was put on my eyes so i would not open them during surgery. Well, it sounded logical. They felt dry and I was in no position to argue with anyone, all I wanted to do is thru to sleep some more. Which I did exactly that.

My husband came and we both were ready to go home, but they didn’t have the scripts ready, and it was a mad house,with all the woman going home at the same time.

We rode home in silence except for the few snores when I fell a sleep.