Day 3

My neighbor had made us a delicious lasagna dinner for my family. They started eating it on Tuesday night, but I had my dinner when I could sit up and not slump into my plate.

I woke up still as sore as can be, but I was determined to make it my day.  I had my two Gas X tablets with lots of water. And then a cup of cappuccino and when back to bed. By this time, I was totally exhausted. So I took two of my pills, went and found a comfy position and fell into a deep sleep. The house was quiet they went to the Navy Seal museum and i went into a drugged sleep.

I woke up to lots of gas, burping and escaping from what I felt like everywhere. This went on for a few hours and I started to feel more human. But still very sore.

I have five incisions in my belly. One above my belly button and the other two on each side of my stomach.And it was sore, very sore.

Ate my first dinner since I had the surgery and it was delicious. And I walked some more in the house and then went back to bed.

My eye was itching so I had my daughter put the suave in that they gave me at the hospital and i put an eye patch on it to rest it and make sure it didn’t infect anyone else.

I watched a little TV , took two pain pills and went  off to sleep.