Day 2 – At Home

Will I have enough pillows to prop myself up. I remember I had a great blanket and used that to cradle my body on one side and the pillows on the other. I get myself all comfy and then I took two of my pain pills and I fell into a three-hour nap and I woke up feeling half human, I still have the gas trapped in my body. Could feel it in my shoulders. So I got up and walked little steps but a lot of them around my house.

My little Grandson CJ, held Grandma’s hand and led me around the house. And when he felt I had enough or he had enough, he took me back to my bed.

I took the Gas X everyone said would work and it did nothing to me. All I wanted to do is be a bump and just rest. I did get up to get some ice cream and later to get my cappuccino and then I sat up until I fell to sleep. And that sleep for an hour and up for two, continued until Day 2.

The pain is there and it’s a heavy belly and its so very sore. I just can’t get comfortable. When will this go away, as I drifted off into sleep.