Arrival time was changed to 10:30AM

My husband and I arrived at the hospital early and they were able to take us right up to the room. The prep room was one bed, one chair and everything they needed to prep me for surgery.

They asked me take off all my clothes and get into the gown, opened in the back. After I was sitting on  the bed, they wanted me to lie down and that’s when they asked me various questions, including my name and birth date and If i know why I was here today..

The first thing they did was to make sure my bands were correct. Then came the nurse to put my IV in needle , and then check my vitals, And then we sat and waited like forever. The doctor came in and chatted with me and explained what the procedure was and then the nurse and my husband and I just waited till there was an OR for me.

Finally I was wheeled away and off to the OR I went. They asked me to scoot over the OR bed and I did and I then say the Robot that would be operating on me. He looked big and strong and I prayed he would do good-bye me..

The Nurse anesthetics  came in and told me it was time. I took deep breaths into the oxygen mask and they said, she’s good to go, the medicine was put into the IV and the next thing I remember me waking up in recovery.

My husband came in and the doc said there was no other cancers on other parts of my body that he could see.

Within a few minutes I went up to my room.

Got to the room and I told my husband to go home cause I wanted to sleep but nothing hurt YET.

I finally woke up around nine p.m starved, no food, then I asked at 10, finally at 11pm, after 24 hours of no food, I was given the works. A ham and cheese sandwich, honeydew melon, sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie and one vanilla and one chocolate ice cream Dixie cup and I went back to sleep for a full hour.

I only slept on hour and then up for an hour and this went on and off till morning.