Meeting My Gynocologist Oncologist

Today, was the day I had been waiting for since September 30th. I listened to what he had to say about the surgery, I listened and I was still not sold on the idea of a robotic surgery.

Dr. John Bomalaski of Melbourne, FL, explained what he would do, and I had to tell him, it’s not what I was comfortable with. He went on and explained it all to me and my comfort level increased.

He stated that I would have the uterus, tubes, ovaries, cervix and a few lymph nodes. He doesn’t’;t want to be too aggressive on the removal of the lymph nodes because I have had Deep Vein  Thrombosis in the past and it could lead to Lymph edema.

I will be having the Di Vinci robotic surgery on Monday, Oct. 24th, yes 6 days to surgery. I prefer a shorter amount of time, less stress and me antagonizing that it’s so far in advance.

On the 21st, I have my pre-op lab work. Then surgery is scheduled for 11am on the 24th, staying the night and then back home the following day.