Today, My Nerves are at an all Time High

I have stated in the past the cancer doesn’t scare me, it’s the dull ache in my abdomen and on both ovaries that makes me wonder how long have I had it that does.

Will I feel comfortable with my Oncologist? Will he listen to my concerns? Oncologists usually have a good bedside manner, they know what compassion is but is that what I want?

I’m hoping for a Doctor who will be cut and dry. I don’t need anything sugar coated, I want to know the steps he plans on taking with me and how soon.

Every cancer patient is unique. We aren’t made with cookie cutters so it’s totally useless asking how it will turn out for me!

In about 40 hours I will be on my way home with most of my questions answered and as I think it over, I’m sure I will have another list when I see him again