Things You Might Have Said

Geez, I’ve been through menopause for years, why am I spotting. now?

Oh, it’s just a small spot, no reason to call the doctor now, I’ll wait for my appointment.

. I’m so tired, all I want to do is sleep.

Wow, I lost 20 pounds and I’m not even on a diet.

Wow, I haven’t had painful intercourse before.

I must have gas,, got this pain in my abdomen again.

All of these comments should get you to the doctors, especially with the spotting.

I had spotting back in 2010 after a vaginal surgery and thought that was the cause. Reading up on this now, oh my goodness, it wasn’t the norm. It should have been my first flag that there was something wrong.

On and off for years and always seemed after i was put back on Coumindin after being off of it for five days. But that should not have been the reason.

There is never an excuse for spotting or bleeding after menopause, NEVER.