Today, I Cried

My husband and I were discussing the houses in our neighborhood that were up for sale and He was saying what if we sold ours. I don’t want to leave here. I have met some wonderful friends here, not another move, especially now. He said, oh I was just thinking what it and I said, not good timing to discuss this.

And then the  tears came and I couldn’t stop them. I hadn’t shed a tear since my diagnosis and I’m guessing that today is going to be my day, I realize yes I have cancer. Yes I will get better. Yes I will live as long as a life as I would have prior to cancer BUT why do I have to do to get there?

I hear their are all different ways they get you healthy again. But cancer is cancer and you can’t say oh they do it the easiest way. Not necessarily the case.

I have spoken to numerous woman and also have read their stories on HysterSisters and for this type of cancer, it can be every which way to remove the uterus, with or without, tubes, ovaries and cervix.

Then let us not forget what some oncologists recommend to rid our bodies of the cancer…radiation, chemotherapy and hormones.

And I sat there and let the tears roll down my cheeks and they flowed and I thought to myself, I’m a survivor. So you cried, big deal, but you did dry your eyes and you sit and you are typing this post…you will be okay. Even Stage 1 cancer is scary. And it’s okay to cry. but don’t let it consume you. We are stronger than a tear!