Is the Internet My New Best Friend?

When you find out you have cancer, the first thing most people do, is run to their computer to figure out what this cancer is and how did I ever get it?

The type of cancer, such as Uterine cancer/Endometrial cancer is all over the internet, but no one yet, knows how we get it.

Endometrial/Uterine cancer is of the uterus. My cancer is Endometrial. It started in the lining of my uterus. There are a lot of risk factors I have that includes:

  •      Things that affect hormone levels, like taking estrogen after menopause, birth     control pills, or tamoxifen; the number of menstrual cycles (over a lifetime), pregnancy, obesity, certain ovarian tumors, and polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Use of an intrauterine device
  • Age
  • Diet and exercise
  • Diabetes

So we spend our quiet times researching and we dissect everything that was either said to us or what has given to us, including the pathology report.

I asked some close friends of mine to help me understand the pathology report and they said, it might be stage 1. Which gave me a huge sigh of relief until i went back to Google to read some more.

It stated for one mass, which is a word for the cancer, but my whole uterus is small masses, so does that mean that what might have been Stage 1 with one mass, will it make me something else with all these little masses throughout the uterus ?