The Wait

On Friday, September 30th, I was a mess. Thinking, I didn’t hear from my doctor, maybe it was nothing. And then I called just in case they forgot. The receptionist said, Dr. Elguera asked me to get you in with the first available appointment today and my heart dropped.

I went in and spoke to her and I asked point blank, is it cancer and she said yes.

Then she showed me the pictures she had shown my husband and I i could see I would be starting a journey.

She told me she found a Gynecologist Oncologist about an hour away, the closest one with a good reputation and made me an appointment. to see him. I have never had a doctor do that for me. I think she is wonderful and a very caring woman as well as a good doctor.

My appointment is for October 18, 2016.


  1. I am so glad she found you a doctor and made that appointment — bad as it is to wait until October 18th, it would be worse to spend the weekend waiting to even make an appointment.

    We’re all here for you!

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