The Start of the Journey

We moved to Florida in October 2015, and after finally settling in, it was time to find our new doctors. I decided I was going to make all my appointments within a two week period so I could have the rest of the year to enjoy the beautiful weather down here.

Finding a gynecologist was the hardest task to do. I’m fussy about who I wanted. I wanted a doctor who was educated in the North and so many weren’t. Finally I had given up hope of finding one, that I asked a neighbor of mine and she told me there is a Just Ladies Healthcare in my town and there were all woman doctors. I called at made an appointment.

On August 17, 2016, I met my new gynecologist, Dr. Elizabeth Elguera. We were getting ready for a pap smear and she asked me when my last one was and i told her two years ago. She explained to me that it had changed to three years, unless you had a symptom such as bleeding.

I told her it wasn’t actually bleeding but spotting and its been going on and off for a few years now. I really didn’t want to tell her for 6 years, but I never thought anything of it. I was on coumadin and I thought it was a side effect of it. She told me any spotting was an issue and it had to be addressed.

She explained to me that she would order some tests and she would perform a biopsy in the office.

Off I went to have the tests and on August 26th, I was called into the office on the same day to see her. I knew it wasn’t a good sign.

I listened to her explain that my uterine lining was 14 mm and from the test I had in January 2016, it was 7 mm (I had a fall and my pain management doctor sent me for a MRI to see if I injured anything and luckily for me, the same imaging center did both.). She then went on and explained it could be nothing or it could be cancer and told me what if it was would be expected.  And no more biopsy in the office, I now had to go to the hospital and get a hysteroscopy, biopsies and a D&C and my gut feeling was I have cancer.

On Sept. 18th, I went in for the surgery. Dr. Elguera showed my husband the pictures and he didn’t catch on that there was a problem. And she said, we will have to wait for pathology.

She told me it would be 3-5 days and I just thought I would start calling on day 3 in hopes someone read it. And yes it was read but my doctor needed to read it as well. So another wait.